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Trading the Forex Market is my passion, I love all aspects of the market, the financial discipline and mastery, continued personal development and total freedom to consciously c reate a lifestyle of your own choosing.
I had tried several Trading Systems before being introduced to Kanga and the Born To Live Free trading system. I instantly knew that this was the system that was going to work for me, easy to follow, unique custom indicators, webinars and total support from Kanga.
Kanga’s inspiration and support helped me to get through emotional barriers that hindered any progress. You really get to learn a lot about yourself and how you react to certain market conditions.
I am really happy that I can now c reate a financial portfolio that supports a lifestyle of travel and adventure, awesome that I can take my business with me wherever I am in the world.
My deepest appreciation to Kanga and this wonderful opportunity, I am so grateful that I have a great trading system. Life just keeps getting better and better.
Ruth Etheve
Currency Trading Testimonial (Helen Bude)
As a Certified Personal Development Trainer / Coach and a Theta Healing Practitioner my focus is about Lifestyle, choices and living life to the fullest. I also believe there is a need for multiple streams of income.
I looked at several Trading Programs but felt they were too complicated. I was so surprised when Kanga introduced me to this Currency Trading Program. I instantly saw how this would fit perfectly with my lifestyle goals. I was very excited that finally here was a system that is unique and incredibly simple to follow, I will achieve my goals as long as I follow the rules. This system is based on working in a group environment which offers leveraging on time and massive support regardless of level of experience. In my opinion connecting with people is an essential part of trading as well as the skill required.
To me currency trading offers unlimited financial wealth, the ability to trade any time day or night, anywhere in the world, whether the market is moving up or down, trade any currency and take advantage of fluctuating economy. My computer is my office! I have discovered that this is a perfect vehicle to work alongside my personal development business, I choose the times I trade, I am able to travel, spend time with my family and friends, my greatest joy is spending time with my grandchildren, we enjoy life to the fullest, I have freedom of choice!!
My experience in the Personal Development field has shown me that the combination of mastering the skill of currency trading and how my belief system works c reates the perfect balance for financial and personal success, interestingly I have discovered more about me. I Just love it
Kanga thank you for this opportunity and for your ongoing support!!!
Helen Bude
Just Be Life
Email: helenbude1@gmail.com